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The Ocean Walker Technique

A fast, efficient, effortless, groundbreaking front crawl technique that can change people's lives!

One swim stroke that suits all! From beginners to elite swimmers, in both the swimming pool and open water. Swim within your body’s natural range of movement, prevent stress on the shoulders and back with a front crawl technique that is about working with the water, not against it! Want to learn to swim like this? With a simple 5 stage process, our qualified Ocean Walker coaches can teach you how to position your body in the most efficient way, to maximise the power you generate into propelling you through the water and to reduce the risk of injury. The Ocean Walker Technique is a revolution to swimmers in rehabilitation, injury and disability as well as able bodied swimmers. FIND OUT HOW THE OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE WORKS >>

The Ocean Walker Academy

Swimming efficiently for longevity, health and enjoyment.

At the Ocean Walker Academy we have an unparalleled passion for swimming and using the body within its natural range of movement so you can work with the water, not against it. Due to the Founder, (Adam Walkers) history of debilitating injuries, and incredible achievements against all odds - the Ocean Walker Technique is designed purposefully to avoid the chance of injury in swimming. Our Ocean Walker coaches are supporting swimmers of all abilities and ages, to increase speed, efficiency and endurance, trained to world class standards by the creator himself, Adam Walker. Our specialised training programs are helping swimmers in both pool and open water to achieve their dreams. Whether that be swim 1 length in the pool without aid, to be able to top their PB in their next Triathlon / Ironman / event or to take on one of the toughest endurance challenges and swim a channel. The Ocean Walker Technique saw its creator through the toughest seven ocean swims in the world, and has been designed to suit all environments and conditions. MORE DETAILS >>

Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Head Coach

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke

Head Coach

What Our Swimmers Say

The Ocean Walker Technique is helping swimmers of all abilities achieve their goals and more!

Rehabilitation and Inspiration

Following an accident In 2015 British Ironman, Triathlete and Time Trial cyclist Steve Cook was left paralysed from the waist down and advised he would never leave his wheelchair or be able to return to sport. Watch our interview with Steve and find out how the Ocean Walker Technique has helped him to achieve what doctors thought impossible!

Swimming Channels and Breaking Records

Former British Ironman champion and Scottish 100m Time Trial Champion to breaking records and becoming the first Mother and Daughter relay team to swim the North Channel, continuing on to complete the English Channel just 3 months later! Find out how Trisha Harvey and Rachel Hughes used the Ocean Walker Technique to achieve their dreams and raise money for charity.

Coming back from an 'Olympic sized' injury

American National standard swimmer Hannah Meyer’s dreams were quashed when shoulder injury struck just before the Beijing Olympics. Having taken years away from swimming, Hannah traveled to the UK and after one session with Adam Walker has had her eyes opened to a new way of swimming at the highest level. Find out how the Ocean Walker Technique has given her another chance at the sport she loves most.