My wife and I came along for a Taster Session yesterday afternoon, never having done open water swimming before. There were four other people on the session with us. We had an hour in the Barn with Adam who explained everything to us and made us feel totally at ease. We then went outside where Jim showed us how to put on a wet suit (we decided to be brave and swim without one!), how to fit the tow float and how to fit the swimming cap. Within a few minutes all six of us novices were in the lake and swimming. Jim swam with us and Adam paddled a kayak. We all did a full lap of the lake before getting out and getting warmed up. Gemma made the hot drinks and we all agreed that it was well worth doing the induction and that all of us would be back as we enjoyed it so much. We’ve already booked another swim session for later this week and a session to swim with our two dogs in early June. I’ve also booked a swimming lesson with Jim to try and master front crawl! Hope you are a patient man Jim!!
We will hopefully now make regular visits to swim as the lake, surroundings and wildlife are absolutely fantastic. We also both felt great this morning - we are putting it down to the clear water and the exercise!
Tony + Nicky