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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

Pool and Open Water Swimming

The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

What Lessons Do We Offer?

OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™  |  Breaststroke  |  Water confidence  |  Open water swimming

For all ages and abilities as 1-1 lessons, or we can do a shared session for couples/friends.

Ocean Walker Technique - Certified Coaches

There are currently 4 qualified Ocean Walker Technique coaches in the world!
Find out more about our swim coaches or book a lesson by clicking on the links below.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Head Coach

The creator of the Ocean Walker Technique, Founder of Ocean Walker and record breaking open water swimmer. Adam is the first Brit to swim the toughest seven Oceans in the World, called the Oceans Seven.
Steve Smith

Steve Smith

L1 Certified OWT Coach

Steve Smith has represented GB at Triathlon and Ironman on several occasions and runs coaching sessions from his facility Gites at Civray in the heart of the French countryside.

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke

Head Coach

The first to be trained and qualified in coaching the Ocean Walker Technique. Coaching alongside Adam Walker since 2014 on over 100 Ocean Walker Swim Camps in 16 different countries.

Lesson Types


This is your first step towards learning the Ocean Walker Technique. This isn't 5 hour continuous swimming - your OWT coach will work through the stages with you and discuss pointers and areas to work as you go. Looking at the playback on screen and practicing stationary movements.


Sometimes 5 hours is just not possible for our busy lifestyles, so our 3 hour session is a great way to get started. As with the 5 hour you will work through the stages and your OWT coach will progress you at a pace that works for you. A lot can be done in 3 hours, but please keep in mind you are likely to require at least one follow-up session.

    FOLLOW-UP SESSION (2 hours)

    If you have attended a 1-1 lesson or an OWT swim camp before then a 2 hour follow-up session is a great way to refresh, progress and move forward with the Ocean Walker Technique. As always, your OWT coach will film your progress and analyse your swimming during the session with you on screen.


    If you are looking to learn Breaststroke or start with some water confidence, then 1 hour is a great way to begin.
    This shorter session also works well for our regular clients working on the Ocean Walker Technique who are more local.

    State of the art swim training facility

    Your lesson will be held at the Ocean Walker Academy in Lincolnshire, a purpose built training facility revolving around swim stroke technique for pool and open water swimming.
    Our coaches focus is on coaching the Ocean Walker Technique - an injury preventative front crawl swim stroke that teaches you to work within your bodys natural range and make yourself more efficient in the water for speed and endurance.


    During your lesson you will be filmed and recorded, ready for you to watch immeditaley on screen during your session for an incredible analysis experience.

    As well as playback in the pool, we also have a waterproof headset for you to wear, so while you practice you can hear your OWT coach clearly without having to bring your head out of the water. This clips to your goggles strap and works through conduction, rather than being in your ear. Incredibly clear vocals without having to lift your head out the water or stop.

    • Above and underwater camera angles
    • Immediate playback on screen for analysis from the pool room
    • Listen to your coaches pointers while you swim with clip on headset
    • Your analysis recorded and sent onto you following your session
    • Your own online playlist created for ongoing training


    We have an 'Endless Pool' where you will swim against a jet. The pool is heated and is in a private room within our Wellbeing Barn.

    • Heated indoor pool
    • Endless pool (swim against jet with controlled speed)
    • Raised - accessed by steps with rail
    • Pool depth 1.4m (internal steps and hand rails make access and exit easier)
    • Floor mirror, for checking your position and making sure you look great in your swim cap
    • Lighting can be dimmed if you are sensitive to bright lights


    • Free Car Parking at the venue
    • Accessible Toilet
    • Accessible Shower
    • Accessible Changing

    *Our aim is to provide access for all lessons from our endless pool, and we hope to install a hoist in the future to enable wheelchair users access. While the rest of our site is accessible, at present our pool is access by steps only.

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    What is the Ocean Walker Technique?

    The Ocean Walker Technique is a ground-breaking front crawl freestyle stroke created by Adam Walker – the first and only Brit to swim the toughest seven ocean swims in the world. A challenge called the Oceans Seven!

    As an efficient and injury preventative swim stroke, the Ocean Walker Technique is not only fast, but has the added benefit of being visually stunning to the eye and mesmerising to watch. Adam believes it’s the future of swimming front crawl.

    To learn how to position yourself in the water effectively, using the most efficient core muscles to maximise balance and stabalisation  - we break the Ocean Walker Technique down into STAGES.

    A STAGE is a slow positional movement and each STAGE builds on top of the other, which is great while you are learning - giving you time to think about the movement of each body part. It is like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together and works for all swimming abilities.

    By repeating these STAGES helps to mould new muscle memory, helping you to become more bodily aware so your swim stroke technique will very quickly change, saving you energy and helping you to reach your swimming goals. Whether you are new to swimming, have swam for years, want to get back into it, want to reduce risk of injury, are nervous about swimming or are rehabilitating with swimming following an injury. The Ocean Walker Technique is for everyone as no matter what level you are at, we will begin by working you through our STAGES and progress from there.