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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

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The home of qualified OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE™ coaches

Learn the Ocean Walker Technique

To learn how to position yourself in the water effectively, using the most efficient core muscles to maximise balance and stabalisation  - we break the Ocean Walker Technique™ down into STAGES.

A STAGE is a slow positional movement and each STAGE builds on top of the other, which is great while you are learning - giving you time to think about the movement of each body part. It is like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together and works for all swimming abilities.

By repeating these STAGES helps to mould new muscle memory, helping you to become more bodily aware so your swim stroke technique will very quickly change, saving you energy and helping you to reach your swimming goals. Whether you are new to swimming, have swam for years, want to get back into it, want to reduce risk of injury, are nervous about swimming or are rehabilitating with swimming following an injury. The Ocean Walker Technique is for everyone as no matter what level you are at, we will begin by working you through our STAGES and progress from there.

Session Structure

Every lesson includes in-depth video analysis. The bulk of your session will be pool based, the remainder will be video analysis focused on your progress in the lesson and then what to work on moving forwards. Every swimmers needs are different, and our coaches will work with you to tailor your session making the most of your time with us.

We structure our sessions to give you as much information as possible to enable you to continue to practice in your own time.


Learning the Ocean Walker Technique is fun, informative and mind blowing! It is an experience in itself and you are being taught by world class swim coaches who have a passion for swimming and who's goal is to help you, their client, achieve your swimming goals.

Your Certified Ocean Walker Technique Coach will be in the water with you during the pool section of your lesson.
They will demonstrate how to perform each STAGE and guide you through the process.
They will watch you from every angle to ensure that you are performing the movement correctly and advise you each time of how you are getting on. When your OWT Coach is happy that you are ready to move on, they will film your progress at each STAGE.

The STAGES are the glue that bind the Ocean Walker Technique, and you will learn exactly what part each STAGE plays in improving your swimming. Everything you learn in this section of your lesson is key to your progress and all has a purpose to ensure that moving forwards you understand how to position your body to maximise power generation from the hip while reducing the risk of injury.


This is the part where you can relax, enjoy a nice refreshing cuppa and have your Ocean Walker Technique Coach analyse your videos.
This section of your lesson happens after the swim section.
You can expect 30 - 45 minutes of analysis depending on the session type you have had.

You will receive an overview of your stroke technique taken from the beginning of the swim section.
Your OWT coach will analyse your STAGES and final swim footage, so you can clearly see your improvements and areas to work on.
Your video will be analysed and the analysis recorded so you will receive:

  • On screen drawing and markers
  • Your Ocean Walker Coaches vocal analysis recorded over your video
  • Slow playback, pause and replay on specific areas that require extra attention
  • Your own private playlist for easy viewing online anywhere with no access limitations

Lesson Type

For your first time learning the Ocean Walker Technique (all abilities)...


This is your first step towards learning the Ocean Walker Technique! A STARTER SESSION will begin in the swimming pool and then finish with video analysis and review at the end. This will be a 5 hour session, to include the following:
Your Ocean Walker Certified Coach will take you through the 5 STAGES that build up to the Ocean Walker Technique. You are filmed throughout the pool session, so that once changed and dry your Ocean Walker Certified Coach will sit down with you and analyse the footage. By booking a STARTER SESSION you will:

  • Learn the Ocean Walker Technique from a Certified Ocean Walker Coach
  • Learn how to position your body in the water to be more efficient
  • Learn how to engage your core and use the hip to power rotation
  • Learn how to switch off and relax your head, neck and shoulders
  • Receive footage of your swimming above and underwater
  • Receive footage of each Ocean Walker Technique STAGE
  • Receive in-depth video analysis on each Ocean Walker Technique STAGE
  • Have access to Adam Walkers training videos (this content is not public)
  • Be part of an exclusive closed group on Facebook, a community of Ocean Walker Technique swimmers and where Adam will post useful hints, tips and guidance for our Ocean Walker swimmers.

A 5 hour STARTER SESSION gives you all the tools and information you need to be able to practice and work on your Ocean Walker Technique in your own time.

For returning clients...


You will have attended either a STARTER SESSION 1-1 lesson with your Certified Ocean Walker Technique coach or have taken part in an Ocean Walker Swim Camp with Adam Walker.

Now you have practiced your 5 stages in your own time and you want to take it to the next level.
FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS are a great way of perfecting your swimming.

We will begin in the swimming pool and then finish with video analysis and review at the end.
The minimum duration of a FOLLOW-UP is 3 hours (2 hours pool time), and your coach will work on the relevant areas with you to ensure you are progressing with the technique correctly. This could be to re-cap and work on certain STAGES to help with the full stroke. Or fine tuning for an event.
By booking a FOLLOW-UP SESSION you will:

  • Continue to progress and fine tune the Ocean Walker Technique from a Certified Ocean Walker Coach
  • Work on the foot flick
  • Perfect your breathing technique
  • Learn how to sight (invaluable for open water swimmers)
  • Learn to find your rhythm and build up your speed
  • Receive footage of your swimming above and underwater
  • Receive footage of each Ocean Walker Technique STAGE
  • Receive in-depth video analysis on each Ocean Walker Technique STAGE
  • Have access to MORE of Adam Walkers training videos, new drills and stages to work on (this content is not public)

A FOLLOW-UP SESSION takes you to the next level of being an Ocean Walker Technique swimmer!

Ocean Walker Technique - Certified Coaches

There are currently 3 qualified Ocean Walker Technique coaches in the world!
Find out more about our swim coaches or book a lesson by clicking on the links below.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker

Head Coach

The creator of the Ocean Walker Technique, Founder of Ocean Walker and record breaking open water swimmer. Adam is the first Brit to swim the toughest seven Oceans in the World, called the Oceans Seven.

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke

Head Coach

The first to be trained and qualified in coaching the Ocean Walker Technique. Coaching alongside Adam Walker since 2014 on over 100 Ocean Walker Swim Camps in 16 different countries.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

L1 Certified Coach

The newest member to the Ocean Walker Team, Steve Smith has represented GB at Triathlon and Ironman on several occasions and runs coaching sessions from his facility Gites at Civray in the heart of the French countryside.

Ocean Walker Coaches in Training

We are proud of our coaching system here at the Ocean Walker Academy. Adam Walker has a very unique style of coaching, and he has an incredible attention to detail. He is in the water alongside you, helping you to position yourself efficiently in the water and ensuring that you don't make a movement that will cause injury or have a negative impact on your swimming. All of our certified coaches are trained to follow Adams approach to swim coaching, you can be assured that we will assist you in meeting your swimming goals.

We are very excited to announce that the very first Ocean Walker Coaches are going through our training process right now and will soon be certified L1 Ocean Walker Technique coaches. We will be keeping you updated on their progress via our new OWA Blog page

If you are looking for an Ocean Walker Technique coach then they will be listed on this page.
If someone is claiming to be able to coach the above technique, and are not listed on this page, they may be in breach of copyright and we would urge you to contact us to double check asap.