An immersive sound and music therapy session for meditation and relaxation.

Our Sessions

Iza,’s Sound Journeys are a powerful opportunity to indulge your mind body and deeply relax into a Sacred Healing Space… bathe in the peaceful waves of sound…to breathe, to listen, to feel, to heal...allowing your mind and body to journey into the bliss state and beyond…

The dynamic array of instruments which Iza plays, along with the soothing harmonics of her soulful voice, provide tangible sound vibrations and frequencies which can assist us in releasing physical, mental and emotional stresses and tension, bringing a feeling of peace and well being.

Sessions will be indoors in our Wellbeing Barn (small groups).
Bring your own mat to lay on, as well as blanket and cushion/pillow so you can drift into pure relaxation in complete comfort while Iza seranades you with her incredible songs and sounds.


  • Click the booking button below to view dates and times available
  • This session is not suitable for children
  • Bring your own exercise mat to lay on, blanket and cushion/pillow
  • If you suffer back pain, a cushion would be advised also.
  • An eye mask is a great option if you have one, to create a blackout and help deepen your meditation.
  • If you journal you may wish to bring it along with you to make notes following your meditation
  • Wear comfortable clothing


This session will take place indoors in our Wellbeing Barn at Ocean Walker Academy, with incredible views over Crystal Lake.

  • Free onsite car parking
  • Toilets

Our Wellbeing barn is a no-shoe zone, so upon entry please take off your shoes and leave coats/bags etc on the racking provided.

Your Session Leader

Iza Moon

Iza Moon

Music and Well Being Practitioner

For the past 20 years it has been my passion and purpose to be of service to the well being of the community. Over the last 12 years, I have gradually developed my own unique fusion of Music, Voice and Sound Therapy to do just that.

My dynamic array of beautiful instruments, including Crystal Bowls, Drums, Native American Flute, Chimes and Harp, together with my soothing words and soulful singing, create an immersive, ethereal and vibrational sound healing experience which can assist us in releasing physical, mental and emotional stresses and tension, ultimately inspiring deep relaxation, peace and well being for mind, body and soul.