I attended Adams talk on the 2nd April. Firstly I was very impressed by the site adam and his family have acquired . Before the talk there was a chance to enjoy a cake and a drink and chat to others. The talk itself was really good, it's the story of an everyday guy having a dream and going for it and all it took for him to complete it. It's a really inspirational story with plenty of humour added too. Although Adam tells his story , impressive as it is he's still modest and really seems to enjoy inspiring in others the idea of going for whatever it is you want to achieve. There was also a chance to ask questions after.
The following morning before heading home I had a swim at the lake adam and Gemma built on their property. It's really good to see a swim centre owned a run by a swimmer and it's clear that it's his passion to not only swim but to provide the means for others to do so too. Everyone I met at the centre at the talk and the next days swim were really friendly and welcoming and I can't recommend this place enough. It's great to see the hard work paying off and I hope this place continues to do well and inspire greatness in others.