What is the Ocean Walker Technique™?

The Ocean Walker Technique is a ground-breaking front crawl freestyle stroke created by Adam Walker - the first and only Brit to swim the toughest seven ocean swims in the world. A challenge called the Oceans Seven!

As an efficient and injury preventative swim stroke, the Ocean Walker Technique is not only fast, but has the added benefit of being visually stunning to the eye and mesmerising to watch. Adam believes it's the future of swimming front crawl.


Adam says:

"Techniques in sport over the years have evolved finding innovative ways of improving, such as the high jump. Athletes used to jump forwards until one man changed this by jumping backwards - now everyone does it! I changed my technique out of necessity due to injury and it saw me across 6 more channels and a two way Windermere. I owe everything to the Ocean Walker Technique. I believe once people have tried this technique they will never want to change. The proof is always in the pudding and the results can be unbelievable! It is a real game changer!"

Why it works

The bio-mechanics of the stroke work within the bodies natural range, meaning that it is a winner for able bodied, rehabilitation and disability swimming. Ocean Walker Technique swimmers around the globe are enjoying pain free swimming at leisure, triathlon, Ironman and channel crossings. But it's not just for the amateur, due to its immense speed, Adam has taught professional triathletes/Ironman and Olympic swimmers.

Following injury with his old and more conventional style, Adam Walker set out to find a way to continue his passion for swimming by researching ways to swim that didn't aggravate his injuries. In finding no answers with what was already out there, he found his own way.

Instead of powering the stroke from the chest and shoulders, Adam found he could create momentum through a 180 degree hip rotation. A rotation completely powered by the hips. The chest and shoulders are relaxed, which in effect helped him to power through the water more easily.

By relaxing, and positioning his body efficiently in the water, with the hip and feet just below the surface, the head neutral looking down and a lower arm - Adam realised that he was working with the water instead of fighting against it. Cutting his stroke rate down by over 1500 strokes less an hour with no loss of speed, Adam swam seven of the toughest channel swims in the world and broke records along the way!

Who is it for?


Your size, build, shape, age etc, doesn't make a difference. The Ocean Walker Technique is about using your body and the water in the most efficient way, and to work within your bodies natural range to help prevent injury.

It is suitable for amateur, professional, pool and open water swimmers - nothing changes, it doesn't need to!
Able bodied, injured, rehabilitation and disabled are swimming faster for longer with the Ocean Walker Technique.
Children and adults alike are finding how much more relaxed they can be in the water and save their energy.


The Ocean Walker Technique was created out of necessity, by Adam Walker who just wanted to achieve his goal of swimming the Oceans Seven. With a ruptured bicep tendon, two injured knees and a bad back (caused by playing other sports and a conventional front crawl technique) causing him pain after his first channel swim, Adam found a way to swim that was pain-free.
This developed and evolved into the incredible Ocean Walker Technique you see today.

Adam was able to fulfil more than he had ever dreamed, by passing on his knowledge and helping others by coaching them his Ocean Walker Technique.

Why is it different to other techniques?

The Ocean Walker Technique stands out as it is the most relaxed front crawl swim stroke out there, with low cadence and high speed. You will conserve energy and therefore not tire out as fast. We don't use swim aids or gadgets as we teach you the correct body position, balance and technique through a series of stages which provide you body awareness in the water without any artificial devices. Adams view is you already have the cheapest most effective tool...your brain. Relying on gadgets won't necessarily resolve the problem it will just mean you don't have to think how to correct it!

No more smashing through the water, getting out of breath and potentially injuring yourself in the process. There is nothing that compares to the rhythm, elegance and efficiency of the Ocean Walker Technique. The swimming style is one of the most recognisable globally for its fluency and effortless nature, it's a real head turner and you will leave other swimmers feeling extremely envious.


If you are not happy with the way you are currently swimming, whether you want to increase your speed, are in discomfort or want to swim longer - we are here to help.

Muscle memory can be changed no matter what age or how long you have swam a certain way. The Ocean Walker Academy has a fantastic program to segment and build up the Ocean Walker Technique bit by bit.

Core powered

By emulating what we do on land, the Ocean Walker Technique is powered by the smaller core muscles, powering you for longer - great for Tri, IM and Endurance swims where you need to reserve energy but still be fast!

Injury Prevention

One of the biggest issues with swimmers is shoulder injury. The Ocean Walker Technique is medically approved, with low impact working with the water and the bodies natural range. Sending the arm into the power section straight away cutting out unnecessary resistance and pressure.

Save energy

The efficient body position helps you to glide through the water, so you immediately save energy by not having excess drag. The relaxed arm motion and core powered rotation is boosted by a two beat singular foot flick that when carried out correctly accelerates you in to a huge glide!


If you love swimming as much as we do, then you will want to continue to swim for as long as possible. Break the barriers of the pool with the Ocean Walker Technique and take it to open water, swimming off into the horizon. We've said it before, but this is a game changer for amateurs and professional of triathlon, Ironman, endurance challenges and channel swimming.