I signed up for a taster session with Adam at the lake., which, although I have done a bit of outdoor swimming (or dipping really) over the years , was both interesting and helpful. The group was friendly and the staff just lovely. I was one of the slowest swimmers (next time I’ll swim without the irritating wet suit - I’m just not very hardy, let alone in April!) and was never made to feel uncomfortable. The lake and site are beautiful and the water clear. One word of warning for the uninitiated - you change on the side of the lake, so bring a large towel or robe. Not a problem for me but it might surprise the unwary. Overall, I almost hesitate to recommend it as it’s such a great experience I’d like to keep it secret! However, I do recommend it, wholeheartedly. If I had one ‘grumble’, disappointingly the cafe had run out of cake, and I’m told it’s even better than the swimming…..(sorry Adam, couldn’t resist!)