Just what was needed

Myself and some friends recently went for one of the events ( sound bath) that was held here ...have been previously and it was excellent....so decided to go again ....what a beautiful calming experience....great for relaxing and calming the mind after a busy week...

Iza Moon Sound therapy

This is the first time I’ve been to Ocean Walker Academy after discovery an ad for a sound therapy session with Iza Moon . What a fabulous place in a lovely countryside setting right on my doorstep. I feel delighted that this beautiful place is not far from home . A...


Beautiful sounds vibrating through my body, with beautiful songs , felt very relaxed and warm. Lovely space. Thank you

Sound Bathing

It was a truly transformative session full of moments that evoked mood and relaxation from every instrument, voice and song. A beautiful setting with other wonderful souls. Thankyou. G


On Saturday I attended a sound bath with Iza moon followed by a swim in the lake. Iza created an incredible sense of tranquility with instrument and song. The setting was a magnificent place for this event and I thoroughly enjoyed the swim afterwards