Crystal healing and guided meditation

This was my second Crystal healing and guided meditation at The Ocean Walker Academy and it certainly didn't disappoint. From start to finish the atmosphere was warm, welcoming and friendly. Sam, our guide, was very kind, approachable and knowledgeable. The Crystals...

Crystal healing and meditation

From the welcome to the goodbyes this was a most tranquil experience. The space was beautifully presented an the session took me to a place of calm I've never experienced anything quite like this. Looking forward to my next visit. Namaste 🙏

Perfect Experience

The Crystal healing meditation was an incredible hour of pure bliss felt rejuvenated and relaxed after with my eyes wider than they were before! Thank you!

Crystal Meditation

I recently attended a crystal meditation session at Ocean Walker Academy. My first thoughts were just how tranquil the setting was with a really calm energy present and how wonderful the indoor barn was set up. The session was lovely and I was able to thoroughly...