Ocean Walker Academy – Long Distance Open Water Swim Event Terms and Conditions


Understanding the Risks:
All swimmers agree to swim at entirely their own risk and in the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damaged suffered, however it may be caused, no responsibility whatsoever will be attached to the organisers, or any persons involved in the organising of Ocean Walker events at the Ocean Walker Academy.

IMPORTANT: Where attending an event means you need to travel abroad – please ensure you have your own comprehensive travel insurance cover for open water swimming abroad. This should cover yourself for; illness, accident, emergency repatriation, cancellation, lost luggage and delays and most importantly open water swimming!
Taking into account a crisis situation such as COVID-19, please check with your insurance provider so that you are fully aware of the options available to you.
It is your responsibility to provide your own cover based on the type of course you attend.

Competent open water swimmers only for long distance open water swim events.
Swimmers must be able to swim a minimum of 2k in open water.
This is not an event for swimmers who haven’t tried open water swimming before.
It is the swimmers responsibility to ensure their fitness, health and wellbeing is suitable in the run up to, during and following the event.
You must be 18 years and over to book this event (book on someone elses behalf).
Participating swimmers must be 14 years and over to take part.
Swimmers under the age of 18years must have a swimming buddy adult/parent/guardian watching over them at all times.
By booking this event you are confirming the above applies to you.

Each swimmer has the option to bring their own swim buddy.
A swim buddy is someone over the age of 18, who is assiting you train and understands you as a swimmer. They have a very important role during your swim, of feeding you during your swim and ensuring your safety during the swim session by communicating directly with you as well as reporting any concerns immediately to a member of the OWA team on the day.
The swim buddy must come with you in the same vehicle (to manage our car park numbers), and we will need their name and details providing upon booking your place.
Each swimmer is allowed 1 swim buddy included with their booking fee.
If you opt not to bring a swim buddy with you, you are taking full responsibility of your ability to complete the swim in a safe manner. If you require regular feeds without a buddy, you have to wear a tow float to carry your bottle so you can feed yourself. (Bottles not to be left on the side).

The temperature of the lake will be measured before any swim takes place and the event page on our website will be updated in the run up to the event – please check this as and when you require.
The water quality of the lake is tested regularly and results are excellent.

Please check your channel swim associations requirements for your qualifying swim and follow this information.
Channel Relay Swimmers
CSA is 2hrs straight
CS&PF is 1.5hrs swim, 1 hour out the water, 1 hour swim.
You shouldn't need a feed on the 2hr swim, you won't want to be wasting your time during your relay drinking/eating while swimming, this can be done when you are on the boat!
Channel Solo Swimmers
6 hour qualifier stands for both channel swim associations.
CSA require water temp of 15 degrees celcius and under.
CS&PF require water temp of 16 degree celcius and under.
*We cannot guarantee the water temp for the chosen date. No refunds will be given should the temperature be too warm or too cold. We have however chosen a time of year which in general works out to be about right in water temp for this event.

The venue Ocean Walker Academy provide qualified open water lifeguards who will be stationed around the lake and keeping watch over the event providing water safety and first aid support.
The Ocean Walker Academy Lifeguard team are not providing drinks/feeds to swimmers.

Your usual open water swim kit (essentials only)
*Please check channel swimming rules for those looking for qualifying swims.
A waterproof bag or tub incase it rains to store your kit and keep everything together.
Your own feed and refreshments for during and after the swim (as required)
Your own swim buddy (see above for more info)
You will be given an Ocean Walker Swim Cap when you sign in at reception, this must be worn for the event.

OUR CAFE will not be open during the event - so please ensure you bring your own supplies and that your swimming buddy also has something to keep them going!


  • You are to aim to complete your chosen swim duration based on the booking types available.
  • If you need to finish your swim early, please attempt to make it to the main entry/exit point – unless in an emergency, where you will be advised of alternative exits.
  • Once you finish your swim, you must exit the water immediately at the designated entry/exit point.
  • If you have booked a 2 hour swim, you are not able to continue to swim once your 2 hours is up.
  • If you have booked a 2.5 hour swim, you are to exit the water after 1.5hrs, wait 1 hour then swim a further 1 hour.
  • The course is a marked out loop indicated clearly with buoy markers.
  • Swimmers must always follow the course route at all times.
  • Swimmers must be respectful of each other in and out of the water.
  • Swimmers where possible to keep 2m apart from each other in the water.
  • OWA team will run through the course and remind you of the rules prior to your swim start time.
  • You must only enter the water when advised to do so by the OWA team members.
  • You must exit the water when advised to do so by the OWA team members.
  • Swimmers will set off together and swim at their own pace (this is not a race) this is your personal training session/event.
  • Feeds will be provided by your swim buddy at the times you agree with them.
  • Feeds must take place in an area as specified by the OWA venue and team.
  • You are not to put your feet down during a feed, particularly if your swim is for a qualifier.
  • If you don’t have a swim buddy, and are feeding yourself, then you must bring your own tow float to carry your feed with you. You must move to the relevant area to feed, so as to avoid causing disruption to other swimmers.
  • If you are not taking feeds (particulary the 2 hour swimmers) then please just be aware of where the stations are so you don’t accidentally swim into a herd of hungry swimmers.
  • Feed bottles need to be thrown in by the buddy to the swimmer and must have a rope attached to avoid loss of bottle in the water.
  • Buddys will need to empty any unwanted feed liquid into the tub stations provided.
  • For event or channel qualifying swims, please ensure you wear the correct swimwear for your chosen event. EG. Swim shorts (not jammers), Ladies costume – standard (not shorts/tri-suit), one swim cap (silicone or latex only), no wetsuit.
  • For qualifying swims you must not stand/rest during your swim time, or hold onto the side at any point.
  • You can swim any swimstroke you prefer, and can change your strokes as you wish.
  • It is the swimmers responsibility to assign a suitable swim buddy or make the decision of not having one.
  • It is the swimmers responsibility to assess their fitness and ability to complete the swim session safely.
  • Swimmers will follow the instructions of the OWA team on the day to ensure theirs and others safety. This may involve you being asked to leave the water before the end of your session if we deem it necessary for your safety (eg. change in weather, your swim buddy is concerned about your safety, the OWA team are concerned about your safety, or your actions).
  • The decisions made by the organisers are final.


  • Please do not arrive more than 30 mins prior to the start time as shown on the agenda.
  • Bring all of your equipment with you from the car park, and sign in at reception.
  • Proceed to the advised waiting area for your swim where we will brief you about the session, safety and course.
  • Keep your kit bag and shoes together placed in the designated area as signposted at the venue.
  • Please follow signage at the venue and adhere to signage rules.
  • Strictly no smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere on site.
  • Strictly no alcohol or drugs allowed anywhere on site.
  • No dogs allowed at this event.
  • To manage safety the site will only be open to those booked onto the session for the duration of the event.
  • Do not litter, please take your rubbish home with you.
  • Do not pick or move flowers/grass, stones/rocks, displays.
  • Do not swing on, climb, draw or carve any of the trees.
  • No jumping off, or hanging onto or around the jetty.
  • Do not throw anything into the lake, unless it is a feeding bottle thrown by a buddy to a swimmer – in which case the bottle will be attached to a rope as detailed in the event rules.

For particpating in the swim, each swimmer will receive a certificate which will detail

  • Time swimming in water
  • Swimwear worn
  • Weather conditions
  • Water temperature
  • Any other useful points (eg. swimmer rested during a feed)

Photography and filming:
Ocean Walker and Ocean Walker Academy will be taking photos and videos on the day of the event for promotional use in marketing and social media.
If you do not wish to participate in a group photo, please step aside when asked to do so.

Booking & Payment
Payment is made in full at the time of booking.
Additional spectators (not including your swim buddy) will be required to pay £3 cash on entry at reception.
By booking you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions detailed on this page.

A minimum of 30 days notice is required for a full refund (less payment processing fees).
You must contact us in writing to advise of cancellation.
If you are no longer able to make the event, but have someone who would like to take your place instead – you must contact us immediately by email providing us with the details of the replacament swimmer so we can send them a booking form.
A replacement swimmer must be organised with no less than 72 hours notice prior to the event date.
It is yours and the replacement swimmers responsibility to arrange funds between yourselves.
The replacement swimmer must meet the event criteria.
We must receive the replacement swimmers form filled out prior to the 72 hours notice period.

If we, the organisers, deem it unsafe for the event to take place for reasons beyond our control such as weather or any change to restrictions implemented regarding Covid-19 for example, then you will be notified as soon as possible and the event will be re-arranged for an alternative date.