Level 1 - Ocean Walker Coaches Qualification

Become an Ocean Walker Coach!

We are looking for the most passionate individuals, who want to make a life changing difference. Not only for themselves - but to others!
Those who analyse swimming to a completely different level! Not only for speed, but efficiency and the effect on the body - having an exceptional eye for detail.
You will have attended a coaching session with Adam and understand his passion for the Ocean Walker Technique™. You can be certain he will support you every step of the way, to ensure you are the best coach you can be.

If you are looking to raise the bar for coaching and change the lives of others, please read on.


You do not have to already be a swim coach or carry any other form of swim coaching certificate. You just need bags of enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
We will take you through our full method and process. From first contact, arranging lessons, premises, coaching the Ocean Walker Technique, planning your time, analysis with your client and more. The training provided by Adam Walker and the Ocean Walker Academy will provide you with all the knowledge and tools, guiding you every step of the way for you to become a world class Ocean Walker Technique coach.
See below the NEXT STEPS that you will be required to do in order to be accepted onto the training course.

What is a Franchise?

As a Franchisee, you would be setting up your own business and have full training and support from Adam Walker and the Ocean Walker Academy. So it is an exciting way to become your own boss, doing something you love and helping other people at the same time.

By qualifying as a L1 Ocean Walker Swim Coach, you will be able to:

  • Coach the Ocean Walker Technique, providing the full 5 stage package along with video and stroke analysis
  • Coach the Ocean Walker Technique to 1-3 people at a time
  • Assistant coaching on Ocean Walker pool swim camps*
  • Assistant coaching on Ocean Walker open water camps (non-water based)*

*Employed by Ocean Walker Ltd

So why not just offer a qualification to everyone?

If you have had a coaching session with Adam Walker, you will understand his passion and attention to detail is like no other.
Adam Walker has spent over 10 years of training, swimming the toughest seven ocean swims and coaching others to build and create his successful and world recognised brand Ocean Walker.
Adam created the Ocean Walker Technique out of necessity due to a potential career ending injury. The injury forced Adam to look at swimming in a whole new way in order to continue his dream of completing the Oceans Seven. He has spent years developing a swim stroke that not only works within the bodies natural range of motion, in order to swim for longevity, but to also be extremely fast and efficient for short and long distances.
We are looking for individuals who have great passion for the Ocean Walker Technique in order to help more swimmers achieve their dreams.
This stroke is nothing short of revolutionary and we will guide you every step of the way to help you succeed, with the ultimate goal of building the very best team of swim coaches in the world and changing the face of swimming!!!

Just a taster of what you will receive as a L1 coach in training:

  • World class coaching and swim training on the Ocean Walker Technique with world record holder, swimmer and coach Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker.
  • Operating under the world renowned Ocean Walker trademarked brand with an exclusive dedicated territory.
  • No one can operate on your agreed territory, under the Ocean Walker trademark name.
  • Mentor advice from Adam Walker to help support any challenges you may have and how to deal with them based on his vast experience.
  • Opportunity to coach with Adam Walker on Ocean Walker swim pool camps and expand your knowledge. Assist a L2 coach / Adam Walker on open water swim camps Worldwide employed by Ocean Walker Ltd.

If you are passionate about this unique opportunity and can't wait to be part of the Ocean Walker family, then we would like to hear from you!
Please fill out the form below and read our NEXT STEPS guide. Upon receipt of your application, we will send out full details of the L1 Franchisee package.

What does it take to become an Ocean Walker Qualified Coach?

To be in with a chance of selection you will

  1. Have attended an Ocean Walker swim camp or 1-1 lesson with Adam Walker
  2. Understand and have great passion for the Ocean Walker Technique
  3. Want to start your own business under our franchise model

If you are selected you will undergo further training

  1. 5 day training course with Adam Walker
  2. Coursework
  3. Final assessment with Adam Walker

Successful applicants will train and operate as a franchisee under the Ocean Walker brand.
This incredible opportunity to become part of the Ocean Walker family will be offered to a selection of applicants, who we feel will successfully run their own business and coach the Ocean Walker way - with as much passion and determination as Adam himself.


You have got this far, so if you would like to take your first step towards becoming an Ocean Walker swim coach, please fill in Initial Application form below, and read through the next steps to make sure you are ready.

Take Part

We want you to be as passionate about the Ocean Walker Technique as we are. So the first step is to have attended at least one lesson or swim camp with Adam Walker. That way, you will have a better understanding of the technique and the coaching process.


Practice and perfect your Ocean Walker Technique - we are looking for coaches who can demonstrate the Ocean Walker Technique to their clients with confidence. We will want to see your stage videos as part of your application.


Lets chat, you will probably have a lot of questions and we would like to find out more about you too. We will arrange a video interview to take place to make sure that setting up a franchise with Ocean Walker is the right move for you.

New Beginnings

Once you have successfully been accepted into the Ocean Walker Academy training program, your next step will be a 5 day training course with Adam Walker and then the coursework section of your training.

L1 Ocean Walker Coaches Course - Initial Application

Have you attended a 1-1 or swim camp with Adam Walker?

Do you have any swim coaching experience?

Current employment status

5 + 4 =


NOV/DEC 2019 dates coming soon.
If you have filled in the application form, you will be notified as soon as the date has been released.